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Buses & Tour Groups

We welcome all bus and tour groups at any time, however, you are invited to pre-register by calling ahead. We want to ensure that adequate staff will be available to provide you with the best and fastest service to get you back on the road, and on your way to your next destination.In Canada: 519. 252. 2713 ext: 734.Toll Free: 800. 669. 2105 ext: 734.

All motor coaches and tour groups, are welcomed by our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They’ll help to expedite your visit by asking the driver or escort to complete a check-in sheet, which allows us a quick and seamless processing of all passenger purchases. Our staff greeter can provide you with all the most recent information regarding customs purchase rules & regulations, current in-store specials and best buys.We’ll do everything possible to ensure your visit with us proceeds without delay. Once on the U.S. side of the tunnel, all major freeways are within a five-minute access.

Bus Driver / Tour Company Incentive Program

En Route to the U.S, via Windsor, Ontario, take the Windsor tunnel as YOUR choice of crossing. Turn right after tollbooths, before entering the U.S. bound tunnel.

This is a Duty & Tax Free Shopping Experience, and Your Travel Coach Guests will Thank You.

We offer 10% of the Total bus purchases, back to the driver / travel tour guide and a $25 Gift Certificate for the driver or travel tour guide, which can be used in-store on the same day.  (One per bus visit, please.)

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